Compliance. What is that?

Compliance  means  stay in comply with Company┬┤s policies and procedures, and with the laws and regulations that govern our business. In this way we guarantee the integrity, transparency and preservation of ethical values in our business.

The success of Wobben / ENERCON depends on the integrity and ethical conduct of our employees. Corporate behavior incorruptible and aligned with internal policies and legislation ensures a sustainable environment for employees, clients, the Government and for society as a whole. By reinforcing its commitment to corporate integrity, transparency and business ethics, Wobben / ENERCON provides Whistleblower Channel that represent an important tool for employees and business partners to report situations in a safe and impartial manner. 

Whistleblower channel:

By e-mail:

By Whistleblower Channel: Safe environment that guarantees the anonymity of anyone who can report suspected violations of our Code of Conduct, company policies and / or any

Laws, rules and regulations. It is an effective information system that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To make the report click on the button below: